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About CM-MAG

    Shanghai Consistent Magnetics Co.,Ltd - brand name CM-MAG - is an enterprise that’s specializing in magnets, magnets assemblies and innovative magnetic solutions.

   Founded in 2006, Our magnets and its assemblies have been widely applied in industries like automobile, robot, wind energy, motors, sensors, audio, consumer electronics, transportation, machinery,  IT, household appliances and many many more. The rapid development of global green energy projects and environmental protection industries has greatly promoted the application of magnets in new areas, which includes hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, energy-saving household applicances, robots and wind power etc.

      CM-MAG pays close attention to the quality control of raw materials to ensure their top quality and steady supply.  We have a full set of production, processing and testing equipment to guarantee the consistency of magnets quality. With the brand of CM-MAG, Our magnets are sold around the globe and have acquired a great reputation from our clients. We have been awarded as "excellent supplier" by many partners with our top of the line quality, elite service team and competitive price. Our cutting edge technologies, such as Grain Boundary Diffusion, Laminated Magnet, Free/Low Content Heavy Rare Earth Magnet, Radial Ring and High consistency magnetic technology etc, make sure that we stand out in the extremely competitive market. We constantly strive to be the world's leading supplier of magnets and innovative magnetic solutions.